My Love story

Thanks for taking time to hear my story!

I’m not a great writer , but I  feel like there is so much to share. So, to kick things off, let me tell you the personal story of how KuNa started.

KuNa’s  first customer was my then 5-year-old niece ( Kunashe – hence the name Kuna) , who was a fun-loving bright girl, with a keen eye for colour and a need to stand out from the crowd . Inspired by her creativity, I began creating garments that reflected her happy personality. Kunashe unfortunately , tragically passed away a couple of years after the brand was born , but remains my first inspiration . It is my hope to fulfil her dream that , ” Every kid in the world will wear KuNa!”.


Kunashe in 2008

Thus KuNa was born out of love . A love for colour and  how children radiate joyous energy when they wear bright, comfortable and unique clothing. Its African Identity is splattered through out the collection using new and fun ( kid friendly )  beading techniques   , prints , shwe shwe  and wax prints . Straying away from the African safari chic style ,  Kuna embraces Modern trendy design and fuses it with  colour and quirkiness.

I studied Fashion and textile design at the Durban University of Technology. My career started with Fochini designing for the brands Global Art  and Fashion Express . I was soon  placed  in the children’s department where I thrived and developed a keen eye for children’s wear.

After a  couple of years, and wanting to move to  a job that was more design than price driven , I had a short stint working as a designer for the Sibella range. Soon after I went out on my own. Having learnt how to make garments people want at Sibella , and clothing people can afford at Foschini , I applied those skills into creating a brand that is loveable to kids  and affordable for parents.

So, that’s my Story!!!


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