Colour Me Cute

Its no secret , I love colour and the positive effects it has  on children .

Whilst surfing online for colour inspiration for Summer 2014 ( yes, my mind is already that far into the future!) I came across this online. So whats the KuNa interpretation of the our winter colours and  girls who wear them?

Deep Blue: This little girl is strong, brave  and confident , but sometimes a little absent-minded . Fiercely loyal, she will probably go into adulthood with the same best friend from crèche .

Bright Pink : She is a bit of a drama queen , playful  and has high energy. It’s not strange to see her trying on moms jewellery  when it time to play dress up.

Bright Yellow: This girl is the life of the party , she radiates joy and always has a cheeky answer when questioned . Watch out for her pranking ways , she is good at it  and will always catch you off guard.

Silver:  “Madam” never has a hair out-of-place and is wise beyond her years. she is the group leader and is always first to come up with great ideas. She enjoys the discipline of ballet and is always first to help someone less fortunate.

Bright blue : She has a zillion stories to tell you the minute you pick her up from school. Playful and inquisitive , she always has surprisingly reasonable and intelligent  explanations to life’s questions .

Red Purple : Congratulations !  you have given birth to a little Picasso. Incredibly creative , she is the first to sign up for the lead in the school play , and always completes her creative writing homework first.

What’s you child’s favourite colour? I’ll give you the Kuna interpretation!



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