KuNa at Kamers 2014

This year , KuNa is launching its Autumn/ Winter 2014 Geo Africa range at Kamers!


What an amazing event !

 Kamers has been around for a solid 12 years, it is THE  shopping event  for all things local.  KuNa was lucky to be selected to be a part of the Pop up for their  first ever  Easter event !

Now, about that picture….

I was browsing through Pintrest and my heart skipped a beat when I saw a familiar print featured on my home  page . At first I thought someone had copied my garment , my design … I could feel my heart just sink … Then upon further inspection ,  I realised  – that is  MY design (  *and proceeded to do my happy dance)! The photographer  did such an amazing job.

What an honour that they considered this  picture by  Genevieve Fundaro Photography for the cover and have featured it so prominently on their pages. Thanks guys!




They  also took this picture with some of the KuNa Girls items that will be selling at Kamers . Cute right?


P.S  About those headbands – I’ve made one for every kind of girl, and all those choices will be available at Kamers!:-)


 This Pic belongs to Kamers / Genevieve Fundaro Photography  – Check them out!

I haven’t spoken about the KuNa Boys range  yet… but  I’m planning an entry for next week , I just could not wait to share these pictures. This seasons Boys range will be featuring blazers and T-s ; all  bright and bold  with an African twist ( More about that next week) .

I’m Sure you’ll love it as much as I do!


The KuNa Autumn / Winter Range will be Launching  at Kamers  –  make sure you get there early  , this range is super exclusive !            (Find me at Stand Number 7).

I’ll also put some goodies on www.kuna.co.za as soon as we have finished upgrading the site .


*By the way , whilst we are upgrading www.kuna.co.za you can shop the last of the Summer goodies , use this voucher code to get R50 off when you checkout … Just because! KV00002

Boys Geo Africa T ShirtThe Boys Geo-Africa T  featured on Kamers 


Have you ever  been to the Kamers Pop Up ? What where your  favorite products?

 Feel free to leave a link to those brands in the comment section , I support  and love all things made in Africa! 

Read more on the Kamers blog 


One Comment Add yours

  1. kamersvol says:

    Oh, we just love reading this post and hearing how happy you are about the photos! Makes all the hard work on the catalogue worthwhile a thousand times. Keep your eyes open for more gorgeous Kuna pics when the catalogue launches at http://blog.kamersvol.com soon.
    See you at KAMERS Easter in Joburg!


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