Boys Fashion … *smh*


The thing about boys … is , well they’re not girls 

( Yeah , I said it )

Pink frilly loveliness, puffy sleeves and big tutu’s that are too too cute. Girls. We are enthusiastic shoppers and “No” is not in our vocabulary when we see something we like . Even from a young age , we appreciate quality , design and colour . It’s in us , and that’s why it is fun to design for girls.

Boys were a bit of a mystery for me , but something  strange has happened in the last three years or so ( well that’s how long I’ve noticed this trend). Everyone is having boys . It  must be the water , or global warming – I don’t know , but I figured that I better find a way to love boys wear as much as I loved girls . All my loyal frilly pink customers are growing up and now wanting to look like adults. The line that followed behind  my cute girls were active, boisterous, loud and terrifying boys .

“So”, I thought , ” I’ll be making pants , shorts , hoodies, shirts , t-shirts and … um … yeah that’s it” 

Or so I thought.

After doing some research , i.e asking every mom what they wished they could find for their boys ,  I realised that those same things I thought were limitations were opportunities to be creative!

Colour and  better fit  and more interesting prints  ( Oh my!). An opportunity to test my design skill and put that very expensive fashion education my parents scrimped and saved for to work.

The first collection  three seasons ago wasn’t great. clothes were a bit to delicate , not quite the right colour combos , the pants needed adjustable elastic waistbands ( the list was endless) , but the critique from you Moms and Dads was priceless. ( leave a comment below with what you are looking for for your boys!)

Attempt 2 was much better… fit  and design wise . Unfortunately  I fell into the boring  all navy and  pale grey trap , the colours were kind of dull and safe , not at all KuNa , right?

So this is attempt number 3 and I think I got something that parents will like, and boys will enjoy being themselves in . We have taken note of your suggestions : I’ve added fun cut lines, blazers and your need for the clothing to last longer than one season ( Layering! ). Its different, bright and bold with an African twist ; best of all , I really enjoyed designing it. 🙂


This years boys collection as featured in the Kamers product catalogue  ; look at those smiles!

It’s a small collection for winter , but its my favourite  yet , PLUS  I’ll be launching it at Kamers ! Here are some of the boys items you will find at the Pop-up  : Don’t worry , girls and babies will be there too!

( Next week Easter weekend  – Stand No 7 guys!)




These goodies and more will be  available online on soon after Kamers , but if it sells out at the Pop Up ,  well , you snooze you lose  (you’ll have to wait for the next collection !)

Happy Shopping and see you easter weekend !



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