“I’m going to get mom”…. Gems from Kamers

Kamers 2014  is in full swing , and we have another two days to go. I’m reminded why I love my little customer’s again.

It’s so much fun selling to little people, their enthusiasm keeps a smile on my face throughout the day! a couple of interactions with  Dads shopping with their under 5 year old’s  amused me the most:

Girl:” Dad , can I have this dress?”

Dad : ” No honey you have enough dresses”

Girl: ” I’m going to get Mom”  


Girl: “I think you should get me this jacket too, Dad “

Dad: “No honey , it’s too expensive, we’ve bought you enough stuff today”

Girl: ” Dad, ( *sigh*) yes Dad , nice things cost more money , but I’ll wear it more because of that

Needless to say , both girls got their way ( future husbands beware, these girls have already learned the art of manipulation!). Here are some images from the Pop up shop at the Kamers 2014. If you are in Johannesburg this  weekend , do pass by and say hello! Read more about Kamers here

Happy Easter!




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