What a whirlwind few months it has been !

We have just completed a successful Kamers in Irene and  are now back at our stores in Newtown , 27 Boxes and Smoozy ( more on Smoozy soon!). 



the WSNT building in all its glory. visit to see the WSNT story

I had the ambition of opening one retail space this year . After waiting 8 long months for construction to finish, 27boxes opened up , I was (and am) insanely proud of this happy little shop.

2015 goal met . Phew! I did it!

11738125_1009880379046220_4769866079786113605_nBlurry with excitement , a pic of our very first customer at 27boxes!

Then, Trevyn and her Source team came to  see me at the 27boxes space and threw the gauntlet down. How about space number 2?  WSNT will be open in 4 months.

I had my reservations. Newtown? ….I  don’t know … Will I be reaching my customer there? Will they get it? Is now the time ? Can I handle it?

Yes to all!

With a slogan like that, how could I say no?

Not only is the space BEAUTIFUL and perfectly positioned , but the caliber of LOCAL DESIGN that surrounds me ! Kisua, Henriette Botha, MaXhosa , Black Coffee… They wanted little old me there? Wow!

Opening night at WSNT

So I and my production team went into a designing and sewing frenzy , hired two more kick ass sales people, closed my eyes and jumped.


Nyana and Aretha ( the Kuna kick-ass sales team)  in our Kuna Space at WSNT

Two weeks in , and still loving Newtown ( thank goodness) . Come and see for yourselves. It’s a stunning space , full of the BEST local design. If your biggest complaint for not wearing local is, it’s not accessible and hard to find , how about over 100 brilliantly African brands under one magnificent roof?  To top it off you can get your nails done too!

No more excuses.

Some of the KuNa offerings exclusive to WSNT … and our signature hop scotch!

So. If you didn’t make it to the first celeb filled  Newtown Opening , come to the Holiday Party at WORK SHOP NEW TOWN on Tuesday 15 December from 6pm – 10pm.

We are open every day from 11-7 ( 10-4 on Sundays). Find us directly opposite Kisua ( Super cool location right?) .

Once again my KuNa-tives  , thank you for all your support , all of this is not possible without you or your little Kuna Cuties! ❤

Till next time!


Our new Kuna Cutie draw string bags




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