We moved…. AGAIN

But not far, We are still at 44 Stanley!

Hello, Ku-Natives and KuNa Cuties ūüôā

I cannot believe KuNa has been around for 8 years. 8 YEARS! ¬†Of course, it’s all thanks to you loyal customers who have supported us and bought goodies for¬†you kids, family and friends.¬†Those of you who continually send more people our way. I’m so so grateful for your loyalty!

My venture into retail has been interesting. Lots of lessons learnt (and still learning ), but I  think I found my gem here at 44 Stanley. I  have done  A LOT of pop-ups in different locations, one BIG move and a small relocation later, I finally feel at home.

Why did we move to the opposite side or 44 Stanley, next to Vovo Telo?

Our dream space at 44 Stanley looking out onto Vovo Telo Cafe

7 years ago, I first discovered 44 Stanley. I loved the vibe, the food, the trees.  I especially loved that it resides right on the cusp of the CBD and Suburbia. What an interesting mix of tenants, and customers. So diverse, so colourful, so KuNa.

There was one store in particular, that had my heart racing and every visit to 44 Stanley I would think ,” THAT would be the perfect store for KuNa kids ….”

Late last year we made our move to 44 Stanley from 27 boxes, It wasn’t quite the space I had been dreaming of, but beautiful none the less. Most importantly, it was at 44 Stanley! However, in April, I found out that space¬†I had been DREAMING of for years would be available¬†in a month.

That space was mine

I didn’t have much of a budget for a move, but I had to get into my dream shop! After I convinced the centre management to allow me this move, I ¬†had to think fast and learn faster, I needed to fit out this beautiful space! – I hit Youtube. I’d just have to learn how to use a drill and fit the store out myself!

So, though the KuNa kids space is far from finished, It is open for business! We will keep adding KuNa touches as they come our way. We think we will be here for a very long time ( keep supporting us so that we can be !). I hope you love the new KuNa kids space, as much as I love being here every day.

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