Top kidswear trends to look out for in 2018

As the we settle into the year, there’s so much to think about when it comes to your child. Below, we give you the top trends to look out for this year, to help you get ahead and have one less thing to worry about. 

Colour, colour, colour!

Colour is de rigueur for any kid’s outfit. But this year, we’re going bigger, bolder, and brighter! So prepare for a combination of new and classical hues.

Mamma & Me matched outfits.

Nothing draws a collective awe than a parent and his/her little one in matching attire. This has spread across social media, inspiring several brands to launch matching outfits in all sizes.

Mamma and me

Unisex designs

Is it for a boy, is it for a girl? Does it really matter? Not anymore, as more kidswear designs will start to cater to both genders, thus opening up more styling options.


As you know, prints lie at the very core of the KuNa Kids brand, and we’re glad that the industry is finally catching on. Abstract, literal, big or micro – prints are all the rage.


Urban & street style

Every now and then, I come across a kid’s outfit that I wish came in my size. As the line between adultwear and kidswear blurs, we’re seeing more casual, urban, and street-inspired outfits for children.

When nature calls

Florals for spring? Ground-breaking…and yet, you expect to see more nature and garden-inspired motifs for your outdoorsy fashionista. As summer and spring arrive in full bloom, so will kidswear. Foliage and florals in vibrant greens and sweet hues will be big this year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 14.46.27

Out on safari!

Every curious kid enjoys a little adventure. This year, their sense of adventure is channelled even more in safari-inspired themes. Think the Big Five depicted in functional utility wear and in muted, earthy shades.

Arts n’ crafts

Channel your artistic side with DIY embellishments and accessories to enhance any outfit. At KuNa Kids we love making full use of all our fabrics. It also makes for a sustainable way to extend the lifecycle of your child’s clothes.


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