KuNa Natives: Sureshnie & Pavani Rieder 

Every morning, when we’re stuck in bumber-to-bumber traffic, most of us are tuned to 5FM and are met with the calming yet energetic voice of Sureshnie Rieder surfing the radio waves. When she’s not updating us with the latest in pop-culture, she’s attending to her beautiful family. To kick off our KuNa Natives series, we caught up with the spirited pair,  Sureshnie and Pavani, to learn a few things about motherhood, love, compassion, trying new and exciting things, style tips, and the best advice a mother could give to her little one. What an inspiring start to our series! 

Sureshnie: When did you become a mother and how has it changed you since?

I became a Mum in August of 2010 and it has forever changed me for the BETTER. I was always quite a frenetically busy body, and my little one really taught me to slow things down and appreciate every little milestone.

Pavani: What does your mum do for work and what do you love about your mum’s job?

Mummy works on the radio and she also works at the fire station .

(S: So let me explain here, I once did a stint at the Firestation with the Roger Goode Show. She saw the videos on YouTube and since then is convinced I put out fires;) I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise.)

I love Mummy’s job because I listen to her on my way to school and she always says hello to me on the radio.

S: What’s a typical day like for you and how do you make time for your family?

My family is the most important part of my day, so I try in corporate them in every step of the way. I start my day at 4am, preparing lunchboxes, getting ready for work, making sure everyone’s bags are packed etc.  I head to work, then I’m back home after 9am, and then on to my normal admin – voice overs, events, then school pick up, extra murals, homework, cook dinner and then Repeat. My day is ever changing and challenging and exciting. So on any given day, I could be out of the city for work, or MC’ing an event really late or busy with my little one. I always make sure that I have them at the focal point every step of the way.

P: What do you love most about your mum?

She is kind and tries to sing like Mariah, and she’s not good.

S: What do you love most about being a mother?

I love that I get to call her mine forever and that she is the culmination of Love and Prayer. She has changed me for the better and I’ll forever marvel at the honour

S: What’s been the most surprising quality about Pavani?

Her kindness and her compassion for humans and animals. Pavani will never draw a picture of an animal without its family around it. She’s the same with her toys. She always makes sure that her animals have a family around them so that they never feel alone. She’s always trying to get friends to play together and caring for us in the most special of ways.

S&P: What do you both do for fun?

S:WE loooove being in the garden together, with our dogs, or doing experiments, reading together (which is my favourite time). We always find eating spots together so that we can try new restaurants and we love exploring. She and I also spend way tooo much time browsing Pinterest for baking inspiration and fun things to do at school.

S&P: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done together?

S: She and I host ‘Unboxing’ videos on our YouTube Channel. We have been doing the coolest tips on toys to get with Toys R Us. Pavani looooves YouTube tutorials, and she loves co-hosting these little snippets.

(Check out their cool videos)

S: What’s your happiest childhood memory?

I have sooo many special ones, but I do remember the year that I won Victorix Ludorum. I had never ever won a single athlete award, and I so badly wanted to be on par with my brothers who were just superstars at atheletics. I trained so hard that year, and then I won every race. Those little trophies are the most important symbols to me…that hard work does pay off.

S: How would you like to replicate such moments for Pavani?

I am always encouraging her to enjoy every single school moment, and to just believe in herself. Every night as she falls asleep, I whisper into her ear, ‘You can and you will, believe in yourself’. I do the same before I leave early in the morning. I just want her to go to bed with a positive thought, and of course wake up with a positive affirmation. I also hand draw morning lunchbox notes, just to remind her that she is special and to just try her best. She is very shy, so I’m always encouraging her. I also tell her that I was just like her at school, and that it will all be okay. That reassurance is very important.

P: What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be Vet and a Zoo Keeper.

P: What’s the best advice your mum’s given you so far?

To believe in myself. And I tell Mummy to be big and to dream big.

S&P: What’s your favourite song at the moment?

S: We loooove Taylor Swift. Finesse by Bruno Mars and Cardi B for me.

 P: Wolves by Selena Gomez or Roar by Katy Perry

S&P: How would you describe your individual fashion style?

S: I’m very easy going, but cannot resist Rose Gold or Gold.

P: I love wearing dresses with ponies, unicorns and cats. All my clothes must have an animal on it, and NO FUR!

S&P: Do you have any fashion advice you could share with us?

S:I try to keep things super simple and I loooove combining traditional clothes with contemporary style…I love fusion dressing. I also focus on just one thing in the outfit that I think pops. So instead of having many features, I just let one item speak for itself.

P: Just don’t use white if your Mommy takes you out for spaghetti bolognese or ice-cream. And I love animals and I don’t like any type of fur even if it is not real.

Follow the fun-filled adventures of Sureshnie and Pavani on; 

Instagram: @sureshnierider

Facebook: @Sureshnie

YouTube: Sureshnie Rider


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