Go out and GROW OUT!

Grow OUT!


Alas, all kids GROW OUT of their amazing outfits, long before they are ready to be let go.

Starting the 12th of June 2018 , KuNa Kids would like to make shopping a bit easier for you by handing down your kiddies wearable clothes ( Any SA or African brand!) to another little child in need.
Just bring in your little ones little clothes to our 44 Stanley, KuNa kids Shop and automatically get 10% OFF anything you buy from the KuNa Kids Range on your next purchase of R150 or more. In store and online. www.kuna.co.za

Remember we accept clothing *made in South Africa and Africa only*. So it’s a great opportunity to look at the tags inside your clothes, and start teaching the next generation the value of supporting your local communities and businesses.



We at Kuna kids are firm supporters of the African economy, the African dream and believe that there is no work ethic like that of the African woman. In order to keep growing the continent, we need to pay more attention to who we support and ask ourselves, “why?”

We also know buying purely local clothing can be ” expensive”, but asking yourself “why?” may get you thinking about who really gets hurt by rock bottom prices? Do you really feel good putting clothing someone possibly suffered to make, on your child?

Local brands are visible , accountable , often you get to meet the makers and really find out about the heart of the brand.

If you would like to learn more about the Local Revolution happening in South Africa, please visit the Fashion Revolution website 

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 10.00.57

10% Discount

To say thank you for supporting us, supporting all local and African brands (and to encourage you to keep doing so), when you drop off your great local clothng that the babas have grown out of, we will donate them to a child in need and you will get a gift too!

KuNa Kids will give you a 10% discount to buy anything you want from Kuna kids, online ( http://www.kuna.co.za )  and in-store ( or pass it on to a deserving friend, loved one or expectant mother!)

So, start sorting through those wardrobes and we will see you from the 12th of June! .

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