A Member of Club 52, Branson CentreAfrican clothing designer, Shingai Nyagweta, started the children’s clothing brand, KuNa in 2009. Coming from a very clever family, of very brainy business people, Shingai wanted to add colour and fun into her everyday lifestyle. She started off designing clothes for her sisters and parents, who although they loved them, found them to be a bit too playful for the corporate environment they worked in.11038253_10152966149995356_8214874255233790991_n

However, the range did catch the eye of her discerning, 6-year-old niece, Kunashe. They spent school holidays curled up on the couch designing their hearts out. Shingai provided the fabrics, the know how and the technical excellence, while Kunashe provided an eye for detail and a love of colour and African prints. Together, they conceived the brand that is KuNa today. “Children’s clothing that is bright and bold, with an African twist”.

Working from a sunny studio, in Melville Shingai and her team of ladies, design, cut and make this beautiful range of children’s clothes. Our fabrics are sourced in and around this bright and colourful African continent, with the bulk of the shweshwe prints being made in East London here in SA.

We strongly believe in allowing children to be children. Our clothes are fun, hard-wearing and carefully made. While we make fashionable clothes, we feel that we need to design clothes that aren’t provocative, that allow children to be dressed in an appropriate, yet beautiful way.




At the core of this, the happiest little children’s clothing line, is Shingai’s ability to connect with her clientele at her first physical shop at 27 Boxes, opened in August 2015. Both the mums and their children love the shopping experience at this newly designed Jozi Shopping experience, with many returning on a regular basis, to enjoy the energy and sunshine, that only a South African spot can give!

Our shop

… And a word from Shingai

I love all things African and would love to share with you all my findings, ideas, images and inspiration. I’ll share new discoveries successes, struggles and insights on being an entrepreneur along the way.

Do share you journeys too, I always love to hear from you !

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