Days like these…

Some days, being in business is the worst.

You cannot get out of bed, for fear of spending money you’re not sure you have , dealing with people you don’t want to see, fearing all the problems that could happen that day . So you stay under your covers , and decide to deal with it when you’re feeling stronger.

Then there are days where you wake up before your alarm , eager to get out into the world and conquer!  I’ve been having days like these lately. So many exciting things are about to happen and there are not enough hours in the day!

This week, I have been standing at the edge of a cliff , about to bungee jump. What I see ahead of me is so positive and encouraging , I’m happy to let go and fly!

Plus … a little visit from Sir Richard Branson this week didin’t hurt!


Beyond Sir Branson visiting, I’ve had the privilege of catching up with friends who have also ventured into this crazy world of Entrepreneurship. I’m feel so blessed to see that they are growing too. We are learning from each others mistakes , and always encouraging each other to keep going. That is the best feeling in the world!

We are opening two more retail locations this mon11800007_1018318558202402_765665591877728169_nth and Kamers Vol Geskene in Pretoria is less than a month away! I have a folder of adorable ( and sometimes very elaborate! ) artwork from the little humans who visit us in our happy little store. Not all the art will fit in our art corner ,so I will also display my favorites  at the studio , for the stunning ladies who work so hard (making our clothing and cute things) to enjoy!

Next stop , Smoozy in Kramerville, where we are opening ” a shop within a shop” . Their stunning kids furniture and decor will make this a great spot to also get your KuNa fix from this coming Wednesday 17 November.

Work Shop New Town is up next, opening on the 25th of this month… but that deserves a longer post!

Bye for now


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